Luxury 1964 Railway / Train Carriage for sale
Vintage tiny home, craftsman refurbished
Imagine owning and living in a piece of history
AUD$50,000   ph:0400999061

We are offering you the chance of a lifetime to live in a piece of history: an exquisitely refurbished Camp Wagon from the steam era of Queensland Rail. One of the last railway wagons of her type built, she was introduces into service for Queensland Railways in 1964, known as CW317.

One of the very few railway carriages built to be lived in from the word go, she was our home for seven years; we reveled and relaxed in the uniqueness of our classy yet compact “mobile home”, not realizing we were forerunners of today‚Äôs tiny home movement.

The sleeping end of Camp Wagon 317 now features


Living Area

Refurbishment Phase


The original Queensland Rail drawings for the 4-man Camp Wagon.

Here is a link to information about the QR Camp Wagons.

Claytons Towing Service (ph:07 5441 3888) are based in South East Queensland and operate throughout Australia.

They have a super-tilt tray truck which is tailor-made for transporting Camp Wagons.

Their charges are around $200 per hour (early 2018) and they know the area very well.

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