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Wildlife : Furry friends

Koalas at Middle Path

Koalas take up residence at Middle Path for a few weeks at a time and we occasionally spot them in the tree tops.

They tend to prefer the tops of the trees and often appear to be risking life and limb by perching (? if thats the word) on thin branches.

Thier grip is quite powerful and their claws are obviously tailor-made for the task.

These days we rarely spend much time searching for glimpses of fat, furry bottoms high in the gum trees but occasionally - usually in January or February visitors get glimpses of a grey teddybear galumphing over the ground to scale another tree.

Here is one of the the 2008 visitors just a few metrees from our kitchen door:

Do I really have to put up with this?

Its rude to stare

Although they doen't always seem delighted at out enthusiatic inspections.

This is a typical glimpse - to our naked eye it often looks like a bird's nest.

The grip

Wedged in a gum tree fork

Sometimes they wedge themselves in a substantial tree fork and spend hours digesting their stomach full of gum leaves.

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