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Wildlife : Reptiles

Carpet Pythons at Middle Path
Morelia spilota variegata

Wonderful Winter Warmth The original Percy - a 3-metre carpet python who discovered the warmth from the pilot flame of our instant gas water heater in the old shed. He (she?) would spend winter coiled in the space above the heater and didn't appear to hibernate - not that he did much else.

When we turned on the hot water, the temperature above the fire box would go from pleasantly warm to an inferno in a few seconds - early on we observed blisters on his belly on occassion.

He eventually developed the skill of draping himself around the flanges of the box so he could feel the warmth but wasn't in direct contact with the firebox roof which obviously gave him much more time before the increased temperature became harmful.

Every month or so hunger would stir Percy from his slumbers and he would revisit places where he knew there was food.

It was not uncommon to find him hanging and ready to strike in the shed - he could maintain this pose without stirring for 10 hours or so!

Fortunately he never showed any interest in us or the spaces we occupied.
Poised for the kill!

The food chain.....

the birdfeeder - mark I!
As winter deepens the bird feeder becomes a hive of activity as many different species augment their diminishing diets.

There is a fair amount of spillage and the space beneath is a popular haunt of rodents and ground-dwelling birds, such as the rails.

Hard to see in the left-hand picture, a lean and hungry Percy is patiently waiting for dinner to be delivered!
Poised for dinner!

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