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Wildlife : Reptiles

Eastern Water Dragons
Physignathus lesueurii

a waterdragon inspects the new accommodation

Over the years we have become quite a familiar sight to the local waterdragons who are adept at cockroach control.

They are also pretty adept at getting us to open the fridge for tasty morsels and show no hesitation in coming inside.

Resplendant in summer livery The waterdragons frequently shed their skin and make a vibrant and colourful visitor in their new livery.

The stained glass patterns in the main room create curious colours when a waterdragon pauses in their light. Waterdragon in the light spiral

Inspecting Caboose improvements

During the time we were refurbishing the Railway Carriage - now known as the Caboose - we received daily inspections by stumpy. Always keenly interested in the progress he (she?) would come right in and wander round checking the improvements.

It soon became obvious that we needed to include Stumpy in the process and this became a regular feature of smoko.

A potentially daunting experience - a large lizard lunging at one's fingers. However they have no teeth and are consistently gentle in taking the food - preferring to use their tongue to draw it into the mouth.

smoko at the caboose

at home in the water, these dragons are adept swimmers

Capable of remaining submerged for over 15 minutes the water dragons are quite at home in, on and under the water.

Here one swims on the surface, blissfully unaware of the camera.

Having identified the source of tasty morsels such as mince and other protein - namely the cat's food bowl - Jack comes calling most days to see what is on offer.

Sometimes, when the bowl is empty she will come to the kitchen door to see what the delay is.

Jack comes looking through the kitchen door for food

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