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About Middle Path

Trijntje & Fergus Reilly

Middle Path is the realisation of a shared dream: our home and sanctuary an hour's drive north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.A wholistic lifestyle created from our attitudes, beliefs, dreams, goals, hopes and skills.

We are fortunate in that much of what we do enables us to share the benefits with fellow travelers - this website details much of what we have to offer to help you create a better life.

The world is changing - at an accelerating pace - and we all need to constantly reassess our priorities if we are to meet the new dawn with health and vitality. Like many, we want to "make a difference" and, also like many, do it "our way".

Middle Path is the manifestation of the way we walked our talk and reflects those aspects of life which we believe are important.

These items describe various aspects of Middle Path & our work:

  • Camp Wagon 317 we moved onto Middle Path on July 29th 1993 having installed a Queensland Railways camp wagon (CW317). here is the story of CW317's arrival.

  • Our Space- the story of some of the the constructions we have undertaken at Middle Path

  • Wildlife - pictures of the creatures who have returned to the space.

  • middlepath.info home page - return to the property site

Wishing You a Marvelous today and a Brighter tomorrow
Fergus & Trijntje Reilly

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background :||: Camp Wagon 317 :||: features :||: wildlife