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Wildlife: Firetail Finches

Finches at Middle Path

Firetail Finches or Red-browed Finches ~ Neochimia temporalis
The feeder is usually a social gathering point for Firetail Finches
as the flock works its way along the daily itinerary.

Firetail Finches
During feeding some birds are always scanning for threats between beakfulls

Firetail Finches
Fairly strict pecking orders are loosely enforced
although sometimes one bird will try to insist on sole occupancy

Next stop is the bird barth at the front for a mid-morning dip and drink

Firetails bathing

Firetails bathing

Sometimes you've just gotta get down to get dirt-free

A vigorous splashing and flapping makes for one of Nature's more delicate water displays.

Firetails bathing

Another small bird which seems to be a seasonal visitor is the Chestnut breasted Mannikin - Lonchura Castaneothorax - they show no concern at sharing the feeders with the locals.

Chestnut breasted Mannikin

Chestnut breasted Mannikin

As usual with newcomers there is a period of keen interest in the camera.

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