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Wildlife: insects

Insects at Middle Path
(and other miscellanous life-forms)

Dragonflies (or perhaps damsel flies) are a regular part of the insect life around Middle Path.

Intermediate members of the food chain they consume smaller insects while are food for the smaller insectivorous birds and some spiders.

A dragon flypair start a new batch on the production line

A moth - species unknown to us but probably quite common

We usually experience a lot of insects around Middle Path - especially during the summer. Here are some picture we've taken in no particular order.

Some of them may not even be insects but they have nowhere else to go.

One of the challenges with living in an earthen building is the insects who also build hiomes of earth.

Swallows and mudwasps love our home because it is so effortless for them to camouflage their nests on our walls.

Fortunately the mudwasps we have here are not the burrowing type and confine themselves to the surface of the walls.

A Mudwasp attending to her dynastic ambitions.

A huntsman spider on our range hood

An integral part of the Middle Path food chain, huntsman spiders are usually nocturnal.

Due to the magic of camera lenses and photoshop this may appear much larger to you than in real life.

Please don't be dismayed if you are contemplating a visit to Middle Path - these hunters are rarely evident during the day when they prefer to spend their time hiding in some hard-to-get-at crevasse.

One year we had a house guest in the pot plant.

A male cicada had burtied itself - as they do - in one of our pots and stayed for around 18 months.

It seemed to respond to sound and, frequently, a DVD we were watching would be drowned out by the deafening singing as it sought to attract a mate.

A cicada - percussionist extraordinaire

a closeup of the cicada head

Here's what they loook like up close and personal.

Yes - another non-insect with nowhere to go at the moment.

These microbats are about 50mm long and fly through the temple at great speed - deftly avoiding all obstacles.

Occasionally we will find one has gone to sleep in the folds of our dressing gowns - usually when we put them on. An exciting moment whiloe we sturggle to identify what the intruder is.

A Microbat rests momentarily on the wall

Yes - its a fungus - but it does look quite outstanding.

These attractive fungus are just parked here until we find a suitable page for them.

Perhaps we can pretend there is an insect of note hiding underneath?

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