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Wildlife : Insects (creepy crawlies)

Welcome Swallows at Middle Path
Hirundo Neoxena

You don´t seriously expect me to raise a family in here?

Swallow pair checking out the facilities.

The time consuming business of hatching the eggs.

Family on the way

Me First!

Young Hatchlings exercising the mouth as a parent approaches.

A young growing family of Swallows enjoying the comforts of an ample nest.

You First!

The chicks swiftly grow and in days are ready to leave the nest which seems to be perfectly designed to accommodate 3 chicks up to flight-time when only 2 can fit.

This nest ain´t big enough for both of us!

As fledging-time approaches the chicks test their wing muscles in the nest.

Chicks testing wing muscles in the nest

first venture from the nest

The young eventually venture from the nest - not too far at first.

Although that does dempand on where the nest is - here they are fortunate that the nest is constructed astride a rafter so that they can easily exit to a perch.

When the nest is built on the face of a wall the first venture from the nest must involve flight - a much more daunting exit!

2 days later and the fledglings are happily perched in a tree on the dam's edge.

At this stage the parents are busy feeding them, encouraging them to fly and teraching them the business of survival in the wild.

perched in a tree on the dam's edge

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