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Wildlife : Insects (creepy crawlies)

Feeding the Swallow Chicks
Hirundo Neoxena

parent approaches bearing food

A parent returns to the nest where the young are patiently awaiting feeding.

As soon as the chicks detect the approach they adopt a side-show-alley-clown-like posture and present their open maws.

The parent has only a few milliseconds during final approach to make the choice of which chick gets first bite at the prey.

which to feed?

first to be fed

A swift choice and the chick furthest from the nest is chosen as the first to be fed.

This is no way deters the siblings from keeping up a sustained cheeping and beak-open thrust at the parent while the food is deposited deep down the chick's throat.

the next in line receives the left-overs

On this occassion there is too much for one chick to easily consume, the parent moves on to the next in line who receives the left-overs

Meanwhile. at another nest a few feet away ....

These chicks haven't ventured out of the nest yet - but the same sequence is carried out.

The final moments of approach appear to be crucial ones for the chicks who expend a lot of energy trying to convince the parent that they are the one most-deserving of the food.

final moments of approach

No chance of escape

The transfer is carried out by docking securely with the chicks mouth - this allows no possibility of escape for the often-still-struggling insect.

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