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Wildlife: Satin Bower Birds

Black-shouldered Kite, Elanus axillaris

A Black-shouldered Kite waits for prey to emerge on the bank of the dam.

waiting for prey to emerge

Somewhat disgruntled at the amount of attention it is receiving from the camera, the Kite fixes the photographer with the bleak stare of a predator.

Deciding the camera and photographer are too large to be considered prey, the Kite launches itself into the air to seek a more secluded vantage point.

The classic swept-back wings

The Kite in a classic swept-back wing posture as it rapidly descends for a strike.

Wedge-tailed Eagle, Aquila Audax

A pair of Wege-tails at altitude - rarely entering the lower air-space, a pair of Wege-tailed Eagles leisurely scan the ground for prey - the birds around the dam can spot these at huge distances and flee for cover amid great noise and consternation.

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