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Wildlife: Pigeons and Doves

Pigeons and Doves at Middle Path

Emerald Dove ~ Chalcophaps indica

A single Emerald Dove calmly surveys the scene - an infrequent visitor more at home in the forest.

This plump visitor would frequently contest the back porch with us - sidling up to our feet and battering at them with its wing.

Able to utter a high-pitched "beep-beep-beep" sound interminably, it had us searching the area for a reversing delivery van before we realised what was making the noise.

Wonga Pigeon ~ Leucosarcia melanoleuca

White-headed Pigeon ~ Columba leucomela

A frequent flyer of the afternoon feeding pageant, the White-headed pigeons always create a great presence and, at times, fiercely dispute the other species pecking orders.

These common bronzewings are a regular visitor and are gentle enough to feed side by side with the firetails without alarming them.

A Bronzewing Pigeon ~ Phaps chalcoptera

Brown Cuckoo Dove ~ Macropygia amboinensis

A late afternoon shot of a Brown Cuckoo Dove seems to have captured the ethereal glow of a Middle Path evening

A full frontal of another Brown Cuckoo Dove showing the full tail feathering in normal daylight.

Brown Cuckoo Dove ~ Macropygia amboinensis

keeping a wary eye on the camera

A common visitor, a crested pigeon - Ocyphaps lophotes - enjoying an early version of the bird feeders while keeping a wary eye on the camera.

A rare glimpse of the crested pigeon factory in full swing - apparently to the amazement of a rival!

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