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Wildlife: Possums

Possums at Middle Path

2 young possums disturbed during workshop renovations

Possums seem to be readily adaptable to the human environment and often prefer to find an indoors spot to sleep the day away rather than using one of the hollow logs we've put in the trees.

While we were reorganising and refurbishing our workshop space we noticed that the Christmas Tree box seemed unduly heavy - eventually with much scuffling these two cuties appeared at the far end and solemnly eyed us until we left them alone.

I think these are Brushtail Possums ( Trichosurus vulpecula )

Part of the program was to finally seal all the exits and gaps around the workshop to make it draught-proof.

This young possum (one of the above) was stymied by the sealing and we found him quite confused about where to go.

Discovered at night with the exit blocked.

Rediscovered in the Avocado tree

Eventually it was all too much for the pair and they left the workshed for better accommodation.

This one elected to sleep on the top of one of the pillars on our verandah. Although fairly weather-proof and dry it is obviously not very big and she often plummets from the top to the ground - looing still asleep.

The avocado tree provided a ready route back to the bed at all hours - she's become quite adept at racing back up to the roof to return to her daybed.

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