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Wildlife: Flycatchers

Flycatchers at Middle Path

nest of a Willy Wagtail ~ Rhipidura leucophrys

A willy Wagtail nest constructed during the Temple's construction - 2 electrical cables were lashed together with cobwebs and a neat nest built on the resulting platform.

The nest seems to be designed to accommodate the Willy Wagtail brood just until they are ready to fledge - at which stage they end up jumping or getting pushed into flight.

Willy Wagtail nest

Willy Wagtail

Courageous and Cocky: the Willy Wagtails are frequent visitors inside where they diligently collect spiders and other insects for the larder.

This one is hanging from the window frame while looking for movement in the spiders’ webs.

Around the time of hatching the young Willy Wagtails will often follow the parents into the tample - unfortunately returning to the outdoors does not seem as straightforward.

Here a doting parent repeatedly encourages a newly-fledged chick to fly down to exit through a doorway.

Unfortunately most birds seems to instinctively regard heights as safer than lower levels and head up to the cupola when they feel confused or trapped.

The other parent is visible on the outside of the glass but is unable to contribute to a workable solution.

Flight training

scanning for succulent morsels

A close relative of the Willy Wagtail is the Restless Flycatcher, Myiagra inquieta, another tireless member of the insect-control patrol.

Here seen scanning the patio roof area for succulent morsels from a central vantage point.

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