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Wildlife: Honeyeaters

Honeyeaters at Middle Path

Blue-faced Honeyeater - Entomyzon cyanotis

A blue-faced Honeyeater examines a hanging basket for a tasty morsel

Appearing fascinated by the mulch, a blue-faced Honeyeater examines a hanging basket for a tasty morsel - some protein to supplementthe nectar and fruit from other plants.

Although a homneyeater, these birds feed mostly on insects and regularly inspect the mulch in our hanging baskets which they seem to prefer to foraging on the ground.

As usual the camera has alerted the bird to a possible threat.

Little Wattlebird - Anthochaera chrysoptera

A Little Wattle Bird enjoying a breakfast of Grevillea nectar

The smallest of the wattle birds, this well-streaked nectar eater is a consistent visitor to the Grevilleas.

Always alert for possible threats, these birds are challenging to sneak up on as they seem to possess uncanny hearing which can detect a camera shutter at 30 metres.

Alerted by the camera - the focus is on a source of potential threat

Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala

A noisy miner delicately extracts nectar from a Grevillea

Possibly one of the most numerous of our feathered visitors, Noisy Miners come singly, in groups and in flocks. Cheerfully chattering when there are several gathered, they are always on the watch for danger - especially snakes.

We have often seen them gather around a python, setting up a strident cacophony of contemptuous taunting directed at the hapless serpent, hounding it mercilessly until they grow bored or it slithers to a place of safety.

They will systematically - although the exact nature of the system is only obvious to another Noisy Miner - work their way through the Grevillea's flowers mining the nectar until sated.

We have found the Grevilleas Moonlight and Honey Gem which flower continuously throughout the year provide a stable buffet for these welcome visitors.

Supremely agile, these birds seem to be oblivious to gravity

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